13th of May…

ahah…13th of May…it’s the mother’s day…wallaa…and yet..today’s already 15th..and i just wish it yesterday..ahaha…late one day..doesn’t matter..it’s the thoughts that count. okay..no picture for today post..FYI, i’m conducting a training right now..curik2 tulang for a while..haha..ye la..zuryn suruh update nih..haha..

anyone out there..if u want to implement some Enterprise Content Management system…just contact me okay..haha…it’s livelink…nice to see and nice to touch…only on the screen la..ah…so ngantuk~

working in KL is seriously tiring..come back home from work…*tup* i fell asleep already..haha..then only take a bath..okay..10am already…another half an hour..it’s morning break..breakfast time..later la i update some more…

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