Sunday Nite Live!

Sunday Nite Live Jam Session’s coming this sunday…which meaning…it’s tonight..yawn~ gonna be very sleepy to go working tomorrow…that’s affirmative.well, as the flyers’s night is going to be a wall wrecking night, a jam session with:-
Seven Days After
Billiary Atresia
Rival Rebellion
Days End With Sunrise
checkout the pages orite..

And actually…….Days End With Sunrise is not a ‘PUTRAJAYA EMOCORE’ as written on the flyers….because…………….only one of us live in putrajaya..and the others scattered around KL and technical mistake there..and we are not Emocore..we’re playing Metalcore..

This is the first time we’re playing under ChaoticHeart Record so…as people say…let it all out…but, we have to play first coz my vox having his exam tomorrow…kacau btul!well..let’s just see how everything works tonight..and everything will be posted in youtube..hawhawhaw…


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