Taste Of Chaos : As I Lay Dying

Taste Of Chaos
Ahah..1 of the best day ever in my life..on the 8th of November 2008, went to Taste of Chaos tour where my favorite band As I Lay Dying coming to town!! Well..town next to ours of course! It’s a great show, full of energy blasting all over till the end. Sadly the lion’s kid doesn’t mosh much or maybe didn’t at all. I didn’t see any wall of death, it’s the best for breakdown..definitely. I’m sorry to say this but it’s the truth. well, nuff said. Somehow, i manage to get my individual pic with those guys..except 1 for phil..dunno where he went..smeh..but i get the pic with nick hipa..awesome! checkout the pic..thanks to jez for all those nice pic! ur the great cameradood..salute to ya! hailz..

As I Lay Dying
Tim Lambesis and his sig
Nick Hipa & Jordan Mancino
Josh Gilbert & Tim signing stoof


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