Super Sunday: Manchester VS Chelsea (2-1)

Yesterday night was a hectic & stressful night! Javier Hernandez scored a perfect start just 36sec after whistle game give me a shock! Although I believe Chelsea will make a come back, but 2nd goal by Vidic burned it all. Even though Lampard manage to get the ball into opponent’s goal, BUT, it’s a little too late. We’re talking about scoring against Man U here and Premier League title is at stake. Ferguson’s men held firm to seal a win which leaves them needing only a point at Blackburn on Saturday to secure the title.

Liverpool is going down to history as Man United is about to claim the 19th tittle & overtake their tally record. The Red Devils now needing a just a draw from their remaining two fixtures to be crowned champions. Sadly & hopefully Liverpool is going to make a drastic return with their new player next season 😛

For Chelsea, I felt sorry for David Luiz. It’s kind of a grave mistake, but anything can happen in split seconds! He’s trying to do the right thing but…they don’t always go the way you want it as the ball diverted and give Hernandez the chance to score the perfect start. I don’t blame David Luiz even though title is at stakes, David Luiz have helped The Blues in numerous games, a promising player for upcoming season!

Anyway, Gratz for Man United winning & gratz for the fans as well. I’ll have to live with it for Chelsea’s lost and suck it up! LOL!



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